17 Apr 2007

How time can seem endless for an hour and then we wonder where the hour went. This is the condition of man: full of sound and paradox, lost in himself, lost to the time that flows over and through him. We shelter our hearts like they were precious candle flames, then casually topple them when the time comes to act upon their light…. Look, up in the sky: a million stars that were never meant to care of how we come and go, but how they can inspire us if we let them. Long after we are gone, they will still shine their constant light: and this is not what is meant for us to be, our constant flickering. In our search to be human, let us not count the hours, for we know not when the clock strikes that we are finished. The endless hour will pass, remember, and remember that we were there for it, not matter how lost we seemed to be to the going.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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