8 Feb 2007

Have we become blind to the arbitrary irregularities of mass-produced things? The misapplied glue, the margin left for small industrial misalignment, the outline around all molded plastic things — we do not question any of these slipshod applications. Have we never had the expectation of the precise quality that perhaps we once did? For we perpetuate the species when we expect nothing more from items so. I remember that I did notice when I was young that these items mispronounced themselves, but believed that this was how it was meant to be done. This is what comes of everyone having everything, perhaps. Just that now, I have glimpsed where people have done, created things that they cared about, and how seamless all of it could be. Yes, this came as a surprise to me, too: some people care. There is such a thing as craft existent in the world. Or at least, let me take it upon myself to perpetuate the myth. May I pay attention to what comes from my hands, I might say. Let not my eye be blind, and “acceptable”.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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