2 Feb 2007


interwoven light and darkness, moonlight mixed with mud
stormwind will know how fractures the stainless glow behind the clouds
lightning in the distance: the sky cracked open to expose the electricity
here, where the world ends every hour on the hour, i wait
the fabric unravels, and the shimmering pours out in a million threads
the shadow slips between the pages of forgetting, and never was
this trail out of the collective mind bears footprints tears could not erase
what comes this way has no name, and no one will ever speak of it
the dragon in the sky whirls the tempest and is pure sound thrashing
all paths break; somewhere a hand pockets a sliver of sunlight
i open my eyes, and no one can see me but the angels, everywhere

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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