12 Jan 2007

3. transience

how memory descends into the unknown depths, into fathomless reaches
the shadow of my true self sifts through me, disintegrating into dusts of light
i become as ghostly as the hush inhaled before the sky explodes in rain
desiring here where moonbeams bloom to ignite some new stars, up, up
and the clouds gather murderously grim tonight, drifting like dark thoughts
(we wait in anticipation of apocalyptic cataclysm, or to become blind with joy)
time wanders on, changes wind and altitude, solemn as a candle, then holds
the dalliance of dawn’s first pale reaches shall color the world in minor keys
we wake from the dreaming numb and erased, tasting palimpsests of motion
moments dip into wondering and leave traces behind to collect as aromas
and nothing shall remain of us but the memory of footsteps, walking away

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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