26 Jul 2006

all you see are ghosts when you go that fast
like wildfire in one sweeping hand, in some huge magic trick that went wrong
this is different
how it might be that i came to the point
here, where you begin, as far as the eye can see
or i blinked, and it’s 5am breathless awake
five years later it was like it happened yesterday
i hope i never catch my breath, for i fear that i would never let it go
death made accidents like that
you never saw it coming, and suddenly nothing has happened in centuries
not like that
i think, so i consider myself a luxury
running to catch up to yourself
where did you go to find yourself so lost? nowhere everywhere?
everything in motion, therefore i am
but there you were, kicking yourself for seeing the point
traveler who crawled there
you caught wind of something just now, eons of it
don’t forget to write as you go and consider that destiny only gave you bullet points
they’re all real, even if they fade away
nothing came by chance
even the best things had to happen

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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