7 Jun 2006

Most happiness is a happiness that does not look too deep. While sorrow seems to come from the inside out. And to be happy is always a risk, while sadness is the certainty; joy climbs precipices that always tempt a fall, but the lowlands of blue… the gravity there is quite stable. It is also written that the house of wisdom is a house that is in the depths of the somber, while the folly of the world is held in frivolous joys. Yet with all these things in mind, one imagines that without knowing for sure, everyone holds as the default meaning of life being the pursuit of happiness. If only it seemed to dwell within someone as sadness does, if only it were not merely the dappling of the creek in the sunlight: if happiness ran as deep a water as the requiems of our emotions. Perhaps there is logic in it, but I am not so sure I will ever comprehend it. Or perhaps that is the point; maybe I’ll just go out and play now.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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