18 May 2006

Sometimes the sweet is that sweet, and the sour that sour. Sometimes the world lets us feel the full brunt of what we can experience. One moment, I will feel blessed beyond measure, and in another, my heart shall break completely. But it is better to feel than not to feel. Don’t you think so? An ex-teacher of mine asked me about that statement, asking, “But how can you always leave your blood behind?” And I see his point: we cannot always be at the pinnacles of ecstasy, or in the deepest dark of pain. But our lives generally don’t have enough of the stuff to them, I might think. Sure, things can change on a dime, but that so rarely happens. Yes, we feel the dizzying highs, the terrible lows — but they come not that often, in my experience of things. Our trying to feel will surely be met by the stultifying winds that keep us pressed back from living. It’s all we can do to be.

posted by John H. Doe @ 9:11 pm

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