16 May 2006

I have glimpsed the workings of the Machine. The cold gears turn throughout the world, I have so seen, into the day to day, to the highest of earth’s powers. Not all who are a part of it today will be tomorrow, though most will, I think; and consider not that you have never played a part, for no one is innocent of perpetuating its machinations. It has been asked what we would exchange for our souls, and we might find that we bargain away priceless pieces for twisted scraps of garbage. Have you ever given the excuse for when you did something heartless that all you were doing was following the rules? Then you have been there, been a cog of the machinery. I know I have had such oil flow through my veins; I am no saint. Some lose themselves in such mechanism, I’m afraid to say…. Do you know of what I speak? The fearful order that flattens all will, that drives mercilessly, without conscience, without heed of any humanity? That no violence can kill, for that is of its devices.

Do not be taken in by its ruthless arithmetic, which states that all sums must equal zero. Keep to the rough paths footfalls have hewn that were noble in their passing. Remember for all its might, for all its power, it has no true mind, and certainly not a heart. Even its all seeing is a blindness: do not keep what is warm hidden. I have glimpsed the Machine and I feared, but I think I will not keep it silent, what I have learned. Do not despair that you have been a part of its hierarchy, for you are not of its cold structure. Be free, as the Nazarene has told us: the truth shall make you free. Believe that its death shall not overcome our life, and our soul. See what it is for what it is, and know: the final victory shall be ours.

posted by John H. Doe @ 6:50 pm

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