12 May 2006


Time is a stillness while the world rushes past
Time is a racing to meet your own end
I know — all I have is this life, no more
Fires that ignite then die down, nothing stays
I have walked all the way around the world
Nowhere, though, was where I could find myself
I am tired now, sometimes, only gone halfway
Why is it that I have to ask why all the time?
Dreams rise and subside, no, nothing stays
I am not who I was, but aren’t I still me?
Time is a demon that steals everything
Time is divine intervention saving the day
And where do I go now, all grown up?
And can I finally get what I wanted back when
I can scarcely remember what things they were
Time starts tapping you on the shoulder
Time ends things just as you get used to them
This is not where I begin, that was when?
I have this life, no more: it can be enough
I don’t have to go anywhere to find myself

posted by John H. Doe @ 10:12 pm

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    This means so much to me! It has helped me a lot through my troubled life. I find this very inspirational, it helped me to find myself. Thank you so much John Doe

    Comment by lucille — 19 May 2006 @ 11:52 am

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