30 Mar 2006

In which I look around, and see that I have been at the top of the world, and didn’t realize it. I have fretted for no reason; I worry without need; my world is aright in all ways, just that I am stupid in the little things, and have thought them like as to great of strife. I must remember that I am loved. Such is the pearl without price, that some of us cast off, not knowing what the treasure is, to go all around the whole world just to get back that something we had before we went. The best things in life are not only free, but they are free in abundance — so much so that we sometimes feel that we could do without them, the casual comforts of such things as family, and a soul. It is in which I look around, and for one blessed moment, I am properly thankful for the greatness of ordinary things; in which I look around, and I am happy.

And why does no one think it, that the meaning of life is to find happiness? Does no one want a simple answer? Would they rather chase their own tail until they fall down dizzy from the futile search for what is already a part of them? For I know this feeling will pass, and I will eventually find myself in confusion and anxiety again, but I have for once achieved a base ground whereupon I may stand against the wind. And I know that we are all of us tested, but we will find that we are all to be rewarded — though the latter part for some of us is a mystery in how it may be. We may choose, though, to believe. We go through this life only once, however familiar the scenery may be, and it behooves us to never lose that sense of wonder at things, even if we must go out of our way to bring it out of us again. Some things are worth it.

See that there is meaning here, right in front of us, and hope need never die. Dreams can come true, I think, and sometimes we will find that they have already, if we have but eyes to see: we’ve merely forgotten what they had been, when we were innocently distracted, and did not happen to look back.

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