21 Mar 2006


I need to live my whole life by accident,
I think, because all the best things I’ve done
happened that way; very little on purpose
ever amounted to much — or worse,
went terribly, horribly wrong, somehow.
There are many sayings, too, on how
the goal is not to succeed, as if
that were an impossible thing, that rather,
one should try to fail splendidly,
to fail spectacularly, to fail better,
to fail and to learn from it, and then
fail at some higher level, whatever that means.
In other words, we are all fools;
it’s just that not all of us are aware of it:
or as the philosopher put it, the highest
of knowledge is to know one knows nothing.
Somehow, though, the world moves on
(if not forward, in any real sense),
progressing as progress does, that all of it,
all the failures added together,
somehow comes to a positive sum:
or is it sometimes people cheat?
But that’s what I was talking about,
to start this thing off: accidentally, one gets
somewhere ahead of where one started.
Maybe there’s an art to it…. but learning
such a thing as accidental winning —
it could be that the effort of that
may be better spent heaving at the wheel
of chance, that the scraps that drop out
would taste better, and be more
than cheating nature itself, the nature
of this fool, bewildered by success, anyway.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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