20 Mar 2006

Life’s lesson: there is not but love that has ever existed. If there is no love to a thing, that thing is as good as never having been: for all that is, has an end, unless it is of the infinite and immortal: and that is love, and only love; even death shall die, one day. And if there is no love to a thing, what is any finity in the scope of forever? I say that it is not at all. For in the next world, there shall be no more suffering and tears, and none from the world before it shall ever be brought to mind; but that which love has touched we carry with ourselves always into the stretches of the everafter. That is all that we need learn about life, why we will not wish at the end of life to have spent more time at the office; why you should always give one last hug to anyone who can receive it. What can make a casual scrap a treasure beyond all rubies.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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