27 Jan 2006


I stand upon a high cliff,
and watch the world,
taller than a madman.
SEE how I casually slip,
as if I cared not for any afterlife,
feints only angels can catch,
but they, too, know
I am only begging for attention.
SEE how the light
pours down upon me,
as if I had ordered it specially
to cast a halo upon my portrait,
remembering that God
lets it shine on the wicked
as much as the just.
SEE how I have lifted myself,
though I do not pretend
that I might touch the feet of the almighty,
still, there are airs below me
I should rather dwell within,
lest I consider myself
the dreambringer, and not so
that I am merely passenger.
SEE, do you see? I wander
through my whole lifetime
in the hour that I hurt,
and a thousand joys
are over in a second:
I am high enough, at this moment
right now, that if I fell,
I could imagine for one minute,
that I would fly, fly away.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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