10 Jan 2006

(this is part of a sci-fi project I work on, off and on)

There are at times murmurs of conspiracy. Whispers of a hidden monolith that shelters the great and timeless evils that have always dwelled in the high shadows, whispers that often have no name. Or from rare lips, is barely breathed the nomenclature of the unseen darkness, and the subject quickly changed: Thawn. The shadow of a name to the dread entity, which we all have always known as the collective, “Them.” It is the name that people have put to their fear, roots of which no one is quite clear about, especially as no one wants to talk about things so… unspeakable. It is said that there are things so dark that even shadow cannot hide them, which, if one should happen the merest peripheral glimpse, kills whatever is left of innocence in you. But many do not believe in these antifables. They sensibly speak of what is known, and not to hold in strange reverence what is only detailed in the forms of rumor. Even these, though, understand of what they say, such concepts. What might be possible in darkness.

Then there is that other place, and even fewer have an inkling that such impossibilities could ever be, no matter what else is possible: Ifnia. This was the other myth, that there were (and are!) an invisible, invincible set of paladins who made of the first of all the stuff that now exists a place of pure light. These would be those who hold the line against the forces of murk, and of their collateral necromancy. When a soul is saved from some ruin by a mysterious collaboration of serendipities, it is said that this enigma of light is responsible — those whose mark would be how careful they leave no mark. It speaks of the hope that this kind of nobility could exist: who wordlessly protect and asks no honor be returned; which darkness ultimately could not claim, even were the whole world to fall under shadow. And these, even fewer do they credit with existing, being double-plus more the unimaginable than some overarching darkness… could light shine so, the very of brightness? But still, if one knows enough of the story — it is something at the very least to pass down to the children: the stand against all that is wrong inside and out the wide, wide world.

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