6 Jan 2006


I have breathed in darkness,
and after a thousand calculations
exhaled light: mysterious.
I think it has to do with dreaming,
but this answers nothing,
even that I do the impossible
within the flowing of the dreamtime.
It surely has nothing to do with
conscious will, for they
are small accomplishments, all,
those things that we of purpose
create, for the great things
have been with us from the beginning.
We are not ghosts in the machine,
for the machine is more complicated
than such a distinct separation,
and a soul may be completely described,
after all is conjectured
and philosophized,
by a collection of quantum matter.
I will understand this much:
when I make real that which was
seen in my mind’s eye alone,
it is the least of all things
that I rearrange the atoms of the world
to resemble what I have seen.
I need keep this in mind when I work.
I was not the first of all to say,
“Let there be light.”
…and there was light.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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