5 Jan 2006

I am slow upon the world, a wine that patiently gathers flavor from the days that pass, and years. But perhaps, not quite so patient. For I have had it so that I wanted it all, all at once, to expend the totality of sweetnesses of my lifetime in one blazing minute — and thought not of what it would be, the minute that followed. The world had better ideas. Some might lament that youth is gone, and many opportunities have passed, lament for many of the — if not great — good things that could have happened, that might have been done; but instead, I say my life has grown steadily in flavor, spices that perhaps would have been missed on a palate more unsubtle than this one has become. And there is still much life ahead that may yield fruit, perhaps not as vigorous as would have come in more the salad days, but more careful, better weathered. I am slow upon the world, and understand a little when the world seems slow upon me. Saving the best for last is often merely a state of mind.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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