3 Jan 2006

Where my Lord has gone, I have attempted to follow. It seems, though, He leads us just past the brink of where we want to go, into lands we never thought to venture in. In our normal courses, we do not want the bother of dealing with certain things, and these are just the things that He would have us deem of import. If and when we heed the call, however, it always is not so much the huge inconvenience we had thought, for as He said, the burden is light that He would have us carry. But it is such to follow, I think: that we will be bothered, that we will be harassed, that we will be nonplused, until we find it habit always to go out of our way: ours, where we found it so comfortable, following the world’s wisdom instead of His.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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