17 Nov 2005

There are those moments… I get that sensation that I am not really here — not that the world is fake or anything so conspiratorial, but that I am a visitor from some other world, who has left his true self behind at home, and sent this doppleganger with the eyes and ears. That my body is a shadow of a truer substance I can still taste at the odd moment, and that all around me are these people that belong to this place — while I am merely watching, waiting for something I know not what, waiting. Is it so very strange? Or is it more common than I suspect? Who among us walk as if they were controlling it all from a remote place, that what really mattered were very far away from the things we touch in everyday routines, and wonder when it will be that we go home? Perhaps we otherworlders are from the same place, awaiting a sign, something….

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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