20 Sep 2005

It’s hard to imagine, I think, but I believe there exist those rare people who are truly blessings upon the world. I know we have all grown up cynical, and have grown used to everyone we know having the ulterior motive whenever acting on our or another’s behalf — but I think there do exist exceptions. I feel this feeling, however naïve one might perceive it to be, that there are those who are, in fact, saints, to the actual extent of the word. Haven’t we all experienced it, too? That swelling of the heart, when one thinks nothing of himself, for once, and we do what is right for no reason than justice be served? For us, it is a momentary phenomenon, but the world being what it is, out of the billions that are and were and are to be, there must be the handful whose hearts are swelled in a permanent state. They are aberrations of the human character, surely, but the chance for these mutations is an inevitable consequence simply by the overwhelming numbers. How amazing they are to me — and perhaps if I were to say that to one of them, how they might laugh, and simply say that, “It’s only me,” and brush aside anything that might be like such, my wonderment.

posted by John H. Doe @ 4:58 am

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