26 Jul 2005

Again with Thought

Thought is a thief
that steals away the seconds,
whole moments snatched
from becoming anything, rendered
inarticulate questions
that never get answered.
And all I do sometimes
is think think think, when there are
so many stories in me
I want to tell, so many
contraptions I want to build,
so many conversations
that never get started —
all there is is the imagining,
protoforms that no one else
understands (myself barely
if at all). I conceive revolutions,
if you must know,
like any self-respecting artist….
I can only foresee,
if my dreams somehow come true,
that far in the future
someone will hear about
all my sacrifices, and then,
hear about what I made happen
in this world of ours —
and they will not nod, and say
that it was all worth it,
but merely tilt their head,
offering no judgment at all,
only sympathy, sympathy.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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