20 May 2005

I am a sinner. Let me always remember that. Let me never think, instead, that you are a sinner, for it may be true, but that is not up to me to realize — I have enough to deal with when I think on myself. To think the second is to pray to God and say, thank You for making me not like that fallen one, thank You for setting me above such criminals. He thinks the first who is that fallen one, who cannot even raise his eyes, but prays merely, forgive me. Do you remember who is justified? That he who is tall and proud shall be hewn down, and the humble exalted? It is that he who sees all the faults of another makes no room in his eyes for his own, and faults does everyone have. We all fall short of the glory. The man who says his thanks for making him not so base as the sinner — he is even worse than that sinner. Because in not letting himself see his sins, he remains in them; while the sinner who asks forgiveness is cleansed.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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