22 Mar 2005

Somewhere in my dreaming I have desired terrible things. Now, I have heard of stories where people have spoken to dream inhabitants, who spoke back saying that they, too, were real: makes you wonder if there is some astral place where one goes in one’s dreams. For I have committed crimes there I never would have thought to while here in this too too solid flesh. And I think I have done very little in the way of saintliness there, if I come to think of it. Will it then be that at the end of time, I shall be judged by what I have done in my slumbering hours, too? Perhaps that is a fruitless musing. It is just that I know not why we are so different there, and I cannot say which of the dream or waking is the truer me — just as in a dream I cannot tell if I am real, or if I am being dreamt myself.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:03 am

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