21 Mar 2005


How can we say
that we are closer to infinity
than a garden slug?
That we understand destiny
any better than an ant?
O proud mankind,
God has set you above
all the other animals, but
did you not know
we are only as noble as we act,
that since we alone
have eaten of the Tree
of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,
we alone can choose
depravity? Not even
the parasitic worms are evil,
after all, for their lot
was nothing that they decided.
We who are made
in the image of love itself,
in the image of the eternal,
think not that our
noble births will save us
from ourselves.
Know thyself, if you dare.
Our freedom is a dangerous
blessing — in every
moment, a calling
we choose to hear or deny,
life and death
we render upon the world.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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