17 Mar 2005

When is it passion, and when is it obsession? For visionaries there have been of both types that would not heed the detractors, who pressed forward despite all harshest criticisms. Is it merely to say that those which have succeeded in bringing their vision into the light of day — do we say that if and only if this is the case, the seer is justified? What of the passion that fails, the truly earnest drives that never get exactly where they want to go, never fashion into righteous form the stuff of their imaginings? And the other side, of the obsessions, the madnesses that become wrought into reality, and succeed despite how truly wrong they are? For this world, I think, has discarded many treasures, and reveled in much that is swill…. Perhaps it is only when the heart of the dreamer one peers into do we get the answer to our question: passion is when you are true to the dream that is true to you, and obsession instead cares nothing for the truth. But the lines are blurry, and truth has often been a mystery. One may find, however, that both justify themselves, and need no reason to be — beware. To be caught is like the rushing of the wind up to precipitous heights, and the only way down may be a great, great fall.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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