25 Feb 2005

Door in the Sky

A door in the sky opened,
and through it, light poured down
upon the waking world.
And the world saw things
that had always been there, only
never before had the eyes
been able to see, as if
a great darkness had lifted, as if
all things had been created
anew, as if time had ended
and begun again. I was there,
I remember how the
known was strange, and I
carefully wandered through
neighborhoods I had
walked through all my life, yet
now, it was all adventure,
all as if the distance
between every last thing were erased.
And I remember when
the door closed, and
everyone wondered, not a minute
later, if they had dreamed
the whole of the experience,
afraid to ask each other
what they had seen,
for fear that it had never happened
at all, or had only happened
to them alone, a private
glimpse of Heaven
no one else would understand.
Yes, I was there, and I
remember it, and I think
there are others who do, too:
a light once shined
in the world, and nothing
we are, nothing we do,
nothing we think or speak, none
will ever be the same again.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:05 am

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