27 Jan 2005


I have stood as if at the threshold of an arbitrary infinity,
with accelerated eyes, gazing instantaneously
at the epiphenomena of the Physics.
Dreams do not rush so, hopes are never this fast:
I race headlong against Death, and I know I shall lose in the end,
but let’s see, now, how far I may cheat him —
for he exacts the same fare of everyone, however much
or little you have paid in your living. Life, I think,
is hurried along in mostly needless fashion,
in mostly heedless fashion, in mostly
deedless fashion, much ado about the ado, and I wonder
as if I am the first one to ever wonder, and will be the last one,
then forget what I was wondering about….
Here I stand, just for this moment, deciding on eternity
by a toss of the coin — yet somehow, impossibly,
there is meaning in it all: this life is sweet
even when it is sour, and in all the racing we do
we accomplish things we are meant to. And I sleep
as if I were the first and the last ever to do so,
and then I wake, forgetting all the dreaming I have done.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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