17 Jan 2005

What shall be recalled of all things that are, that have been, that are to be? It is one part in a thousand, three parts in a million that are ever brought to mind in times to come. What are they, these things, that we should recollect their happenings; why do we remember them? For there are great things that slip through the cracks of time, and some which are trivialities that stand for generations — what is this mystery, memory? It is not always fame that imprints an image into the collective mind. And obscurity cannot hide every single bit so that it all escapes attention…. I shall hope that at least some things are worthy of what is passed down to the learning of our children. But how much do I believe memory is a reflection of life, that it plays favorites unjustly, is as inscrutable as destiny — that all wisdom can do is to learn to accept as it comes.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:05 am

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