30 Dec 2004

Sometimes the lie overtakes the truth, I think, but I shall not lose heart. There is much that is not right in the world, meat glazed over with a thin presentation coating, while inside there are maggots; and sometimes we cannot tell what is the good, and what is the evil. (Some people have an aversion to that word, evil, but in my view of what exists, I believe there surely is such a thing — not just “bad”, not just “troubled”. But I digress.) It is for this reason that when we can tell, that we not keep quiet: for the lie can only go on, has only gone on when there is only silence in its path. Assail the lie enough, and it will fall, sometimes the goliath ones with one small stone. Yes, all that is needed for evil to win is for the good to do nothing (paraphrasing Edmund Burke), but one may find there are such good people, willing to do something after all. You could be one of them.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:11 am

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