25 Dec 2004

A Christmas Prayer
When I go to Thee, Lord God, for thanks, let me see for all that there is wrong in the world, that there is so much more that is right, and I should be grateful to the point of tears. But when You come to me, Lord, for something to be done in this here and now, let me see for every one thing that is right, there are two things that are wrong, and so much to be done to make this place fit to be called God’s green earth. There is no contradiction: I cannot, as You can, see all things at one time, and both perceptions may be correct when I have them, and not cancel one the other out. Let this fallible vision be of some use to that which is above. You gave Your only begotten Son so that we may be saved, so at the very least, let me give you my eyes, that they may see that which is around me in the way vision should perceive: that there is always bounty to be thanked for, and always work to be done.


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