17 Dec 2004

When a moment is worth examining, I have fallen into a sort of habit. I suppose for argument’s sake that I am meant to be right where I am, right then, and then I try to discover why. And I usually can — though that doesn’t mean I am necessarily right about every, or even any, of those times the reasons I find. It also does not mean I can excuse myself: if I did something wrong to get there, whatever meant to be may mean, what I did was still wrong. But when I do see why, it is for an instant to get a glimpse of that which transcends and is immanent in this world, in plain view and yet still a mystery (as I have written of before), a murky view of one of the perhaps more insignificant corners of the Plan. It is to feel the merest iota of the infinite Purpose, that which fills God, and shares with any of us who cares to look. So I look.

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