16 Dec 2004

There was once while I was walking in a forest in Korea, early in the morning, when I heard a snap in a tree above. I looked up into that tree and beheld a bird, saw it on a branch which at that exact moment had cracked right off and arced down with him captured on it — the frozen second as he began his backwards dive — his fall as wings pieced together a catching air and then full flaps into ascent and away. It was stunning. It was magic.

Thus is trust: the bird had had something of a trust that the branch would hold, but it did not — with the skill of his wings, he was called instead to fly — and another trust, perhaps little tested so off-guard, then fired that he would not fall, and sure enough he did not. That latter trust is to me is what true faith is: and something to look for when we land on some branch we think is secure, only for it to crack off, right out from under us: our wings.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:05 am

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