29 Nov 2004

The seconds diligently pass whether you choose to fill them with action or no. The sun and the moon you will never find them lagging in their duties. Gravity will never stop pulling, nor will light fail to light. I speak of these things mixing together two thoughts I have had previously, the first being that all of such activities, happening without fail, speak of the creator, the creation showing in itself the nature of God. The other is of the concept that God’s thoughts are above our thoughts as His ways are above our ways. For we cannot help but think in terms that consciousness is somewhere fallible, somewhere apt to fail: it is from this we obtain the term “only human”. But God is not like this. He is more certain than all the seconds that are diligently passing, a surer pull than gravity, better light than light. Thus we cannot truly comprehend this sort of surety of purpose, steadiness of aim, for we only know of ourselves, of whom we call at best of us only in hyperbole people “to set our watches by”.

Myself, I believe that even God gets tired, at rare moments. And like the nature of love, these times are when I think He does His best work, though we do not prefer that He work under such circumstances. But I will speak little of this sort of situation, for it draws on a third thought, and perhaps that is too much to write two simple paragraphs on. He did create us in His image, I am saying, that there are things about Him we may understand. But in us, the things are relative, and in Him, the things are absolute. In us, the things are finite, and in Him, the things are endless and eternal. And these seconds that pass by, that diligently pass: they will do so, speaking of how certainly God watches over us: it is up to us to choose to be His children, to make of them our own diligences, our own reliabilities, however faltering. To do with our time the good we were made capable of: however faint, His image in us.

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