30 Oct 2004

In addition to the general situations in which men find themselves today, there are those things in personal life which have always tested faith: the inexplicable tragedies and injustices; the suffering of innocent people, especially of children; the seeming uselessness of prayer, and so forth. It is surely life itself that makes against belief in most cases. It is the contradiction in real life between any image of God as good — whether God is “above”, “beneath”, or “within” — that makes men atheists. Yet how few books and how few sermons touch on this basic problem! Our theological libraries are crammed with books devoted to every aspect of textual and higher criticism of the Bible; but of genuine theological thinking about the things which drive religion from men’s hearts, there is appallingly little to be found. The archaeology of Christian origins seems largely to have replaced genuine theology.

– O. Fielding Clarke

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    the subject likely strikes fear in the hearts of Christians who
    have little confidence in their ability to address the matter.

    The concept that has been ringing true with me as of late is this:
    Obedience unlocks understanding. It’s hard to convince people to
    be obedient to a God they do not trust, but the catch is that with
    obedience will come the understanding of the true wisdom behind God’s
    supposed failings. does that make sense? I’m finding it hard to
    explain why I think it’s relevant…. but I think it is.

    Comment by little bear — 30 Oct 2004 @ 9:41 am

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