16 Oct 2004


When there is a God,
He imbues our faintest deed
with the infinite, for we
speak of Heaven and Hell,
of endlessness: each step
is one fraction closer
to the precipice of eternity.
Death is merely a separation
between you and the
finite possibilities of this world.

In each of us all is
a candle to hold against
the wind of creation:
for some it is merely a
fragile light, but for a few
it speaks more profoundly
than a thousand voices.
Some understand
that we are to be a part
of the light that is a part of us.

How we waste everything,
yet nothing is wasted:
when you love,
the whole world loves,
and when you hate,
the whole world hates:
let us never forget
that there is naught
to all humanity
if you count yourself out.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:09 am

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