30 Sep 2004

Does it amaze you what the human soul is capable of withstanding? Of overcoming? We are each of us built with a certain capacity to endure suffering, and I think it speaks well enough of mercy that most of us never come to experience half as much as that limit could bear. Somewhere I understand that things could usually be much worse than what we go through. Yes, I know: none of us leads an easy life, and we all feel pain. But I think very few of us (as we have heard in the news) will have to go as drastic as cutting off a limb by our own hand to survive the day. The human being: after creating the sun and moon, God said it was good, but after man and woman, He said it was very good. It is that perhaps He made us not only to survive, but to others who have ears to ear, inspire. It is in our blood to challenge challenge.

Now, I do not know what the grand plan is, why so many of us have to suffer as much as we do. But I believe in a God that will make good for all of it, and then some. Some might think me an idiot for thinking that an all-benevolent deity would allow for such pain, on such a worldwide scale, to happen, but occasionally I get glimpses of why. When I hear of such stories where ordinary people overcome extraordinary difficulties, it awakens something noble in me. That there is so much promise in humankind. It would be easy to lose heart, with all the woes of the world, to lose faith, but we are made better than that. We can believe when there is every reason to doubt. For my part, it is a hope within my heart of hearts that I never let it go, that I will hold the idea in the core of my being: God is love. Let me always confess such a One. This is the God in whose image we are made.

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    Wow. That was beautiful. God sees that it is good… very good. If we could just that
    in our soul and live from there.
    Nice to have found you.


    Comment by RICK — 1 Oct 2004 @ 9:23 am

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