25 Sep 2004

I cannot say what will do the trick for you if you’ve never had it happen. It is like the whole world opening up for you, a brand new universe that now shows its colors. And you may try to seal yourself up from it, have shut up your soul as if by a lock whose key you have forgotten where it is, but to refuse it from your heart you will find is useless. If it wants to happen, nothing can stop it. How many people have said it is futile, it is useless, and worse: that it is a lie. But it’s just that they have never had it happen to them, and they are merely overcome in the blindness that holds the whole world in darkness. Listen, I am no spokesman. If you never had it happen, you may feel cheated when you hear the word, you may feel it has nothing to do with anything. But maybe, you’ve just heard it wrong, or just weren’t ready to hear its simple message. To believe. There is one name that is above all other names, and it is Jesus.

posted by John H. Doe @ 1:07 am

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