30 Aug 2004

Not all of us want to know the answers to the BIG QUESTIONS. Some of us do; we make as if we are holy warriors to conquer all the world in the name of TRUTH. These of us, we have wings of our own fashioning, to fly higher in the airs of philosophy, theology, neuromancy: in other words, no, our feet are simply not firmly planted on the ground, and sometimes, a strong enough wind will lose us down pathways of the heavens where there is no logical exit. But like I said, not all of us are like that. Some of us live all of himself with both feet stoutly on terra firma, and don’t even look up to see all those wannabe angels going at it with their paper swords. Now, a lot of those “up there” look down on those who are earth-bound, but there are a few — just a few — who know somewhere in their hearts that though the air up there is full of those BIG QUESTIONS thrown and cast about, it may be that those down there have answered them. Just for themselves, no one else. Just little answers, some daily bread, enough to sustain them for today. And any of those who understand, they know this, too: there is no other day but today.

posted by John H. Doe @ 7:03 am

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