24 Aug 2004


The moment is vibrating,
breath halts,
but the undertakings of great
purpose and velocity
cease to move
anyone…. I have become
gelatin, who shivers
based upon
the knocking of the world,
that will not fill
the deeper hunger
I have seen in your eyes….
We have now
made ourselves disposable,
from grandfather
to toy soldier,
and we have no idea
why it all seemed to matter so
when we were so young
and the taste
of all that was sweet
filled our whole world,
if only for a second….
I think I will
pray tonight, and ask
Jesus why He made why,
when we really
don’t want to know,
when all we
really dream about
is to be loved
without anyone asking
who, exactly, we think we are….

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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