21 Aug 2004

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”

[Mark 12:10 quoting Psalms 118:22]

Has this ever happened to you? That which you are about to throw away — something in you hesitates to get rid of it, and somehow, it becomes of the most precious of your things. Not disturbing to me is just what we are thinking when we are about to discard such things, for man is a fallible creature, but what exactly it is that makes us relent to dispose of them. That little voice, sometimes not even that, just a little half-hunch: destiny is made of such tiny intuitions. Such is often all there is to the calling of that which is meant to be. Look not to all the shouting, I think, when looking for great things: it is in the quiet where much of any genius works, not to be noticed until it finds a way to change the world.

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