8 Feb 2015

I’ve been having what I like to call a deep weariness of the soul. Sure, pushing myself hard at the day job could be a factor, but I’ve been feeling at least something like this ever since the events (or Event) of January 2013, the last month of the last Year of the Dragon. Right now I’ve been thinking I am surely now entered into the second half of this think called life. And right now my only solace seems to be in writing. I enter something of a meditative state whenever I go there, into the written word, sometimes even to think that Eternity or a dream flows through my fingertips and enters the waking world. I don’t know what it will take to shake me loose of the attachments that wear on my spirit, but I know I have to find it. One time I took a screenshot of the lock screen of my iPad, and I looked below, where the glow passes through the words, “Slide to unlock”, and the light was just so that what seemed to be highlighted was “de to ur”: detour. Make of it what you will, I will take it as a sign: it is better to hope and to be wrong.

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