30 Jan 2006

A dream: an interplay of light and shadow that expresses some sort of inner meaning, an exchange of fluid interpretations, an imagining of a world that is unseen: I have not traveled very far, I think, having gone in circles until I am exhausted, waking up and going again toward some untenable achievement. One may ask, where does one speak of why one asks why? For the metawhy is that spirit within us that dreams, as dreams are the commentary of one’s mind about itself. I go to the realm where there are no answers to the questions, except that one understands that within the question itself, there is meaning — that one asks it at all. And I sit and I wonder, under a sky that stares at me with a myriad blind eyes, with a patience that comes from having failed many times over…. A dream: I find what I am looking for, even without knowing what it is I seek, or that I am looking at all.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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