30 Jul 2004

If it is not the Lord’s work, it has no value. If it is not of God, it is transitory, ephemeral, like a puff of vapor that dissipates in the air. Only that which is rooted in Jesus Christ has a foundation that is eternal; only that will withstand — past the end of the world will it stand. But understand, it is amazingly easy to do such work: all it may take is a simple kindness, giving a cup of cold water to a child, some such basic deed [see Matthew 10:42]. Know, too, that the secondary acts, these which speak of waste, of violence, of stupidity: these will not be called to the heart nor the mind when one enters the realm of the infinite [see Isaiah 54:17]. It is ours to choose how much of what we do shall reflect in eternity. The Lord’s work we do continues straight through our deaths; all else is merely ashes scattered in the wind, of which we will know nothing of what once burned, however brightly.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:03 am

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