27 Jul 2004


Thought my dreams could all be bought,
Thought the stars could all be caught,
Thought that love would wait for me
Down at sunshine’s favorite tree,
And less I thought ’twould ever fade,
The more progressed of Spring’s parade.

Thought that time was just a dream,
Thought them genius all my schemes,
Thought it wouldn’t ever be
The world would ever disagree,
And more I took and not looked back,
So none redeem my mindless tracks.

Thought my wrongs would all prove right,
Thought my past would never bite,
Thought I’d always get my say
If ever there were light of day,
And then it crashed and I was lost,
I learned of every penny’s cost.

Thought I’d never find my way,
Thought my songs would all decay,
Thought to walk but just to fall
Every time into a wall —
Yes, one day I did revive,
But oh what long and pained goodbye.

Thought that you were Heaven’s light?
Thought your day would not turn night?
Thought that you could let it slide
Until your angles’ all been tried?
Then even if I lay the key,
You read my words but won’t hear me.

posted by John H. Doe @ 2:17 am

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