17 Jul 2004

This is a word about faith, a cogitation about my Lord Jesus Christ. The best — sometimes the only — thing we can do is to put ourselves in His hands, as much as we are able, as much as the heart can muster. What is right and what is wrong: yes, it is clear sometimes what we should do, but complications inevitably arise, and the water turns suddenly and inexplicably murky. And too, there are times when things appear one way, and are quite another. We cannot know all things about all situations, and even if we could — even when we know enough, we still do not choose the right way to go. Faith is not in doing your best and trusting that it is right. Faith is understanding that even our best can be off. Rule of thumb: in choosing between two alternatives, it is usually the harder of the two that is right. Do what you can. Trust that there is a good, and what you do does matter. Believe.

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