3 Aug 2006

My Lord stays with me, even though I sin, and He says He loves me more than the rest: for I am the one that wandered lost, which He left the other 99 and went looking for. I never understood just why things are as they are; but I am sure, somewhere, that He knew. This is faith: that I send my heart up through the atmosphere to a place where I have never seen, and know without knowing why that whoever is there will care for it, better than I ever could. My Lord forgives me, and perhaps you will not understand it, but I need to be sorry to Him for all that I am or do wrong. For He believed in me when I did not, and He wrought in me a soul, when I had worn it down to nothing. In fact, I might think, if only I could believe in Him a fraction of how He believes in me. If we all only could. Tomorrow would surely take care of itself.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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