3 Apr 2006

I listen for the words unsaid, and I hear the alternations between the ambiguities, the cold sweep of decision when the knife of reason cuts to the quick. Or so it would seem. I look for the colors I see every day, for they bleed so easily into everything else, and we wonder why the going of this life seems so gray — it is all so vivid, all the time, and we ignore it. Or am I fooling myself? I imagine that I see, at least sometimes, what the others miss, but then I wonder what it is they are seeing when they smile, some picture they hold in themselves I will never know. How do they hear the words, “I love you,” like I have never heard, even in the silence? For I listen for the words unsaid, and maybe there is a reason no one says them. And I look for the colors I see every day, but perhaps I question what I see when there is no mystery there, at all. What shall I do but wonder? In imagining there is more to it — shall we not find ever the more?

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1 Apr 2006

The summer is gone I can’t believe
It went so fast
Why do only the cold and lonely times
Seem to last
Now it’s late at night I watch you
Sleepin’, I wanna wake you up
And tell you I’m sorry, though I know
I can’t make it up
I made my mistakes now baby
But I did the best I could
It takes what it takes and sometimes
It takes longer than it should
To just live the kind of life that
We both have been dreaming of
There are No Mistakes in love

– Patty Smyth

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Umberto Boccioni
States of Mind II: Those Who Go

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