16 Oct 2013

Things have changed some since the advent of the last of my visions, which I will call the Event. Mostly I notice it as food tasting differently since then. There remained after I had gotten discharged some beef jerky, and I used to love that stuff, but after, not so much. It tasted somewhat more artificial. And then there was this ramen (not in the packet, but a restaurant), and I told the waitress that I didn’t like their new recipe; the noodles were more pasty than I remembered. But Cup O Noodles, that stuff tastes a little better than it had been. And crab, too, I think. So what does this mean? I have been thrown out of whack. But in a good way. It just manifests weirdly, which one might expect. I wonder what else is different, that I haven’t noticed yet…

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