18 Mar 2013

It all “just happened”? You might find, that if you do not hold that there is an ultimate purpose to the universe, that’s where your line of reasoning ends up. Oh, there are scientific reasons why such things are as they are? Why is it like that, then? We may discover that this is the only way that any universe may work. Why? Why should that be the case? People like to think of alternatives to the way things are, and believe they know better than God what should be tweaked, and what things should be outright different, than how things are. Well, I have thoughts on what alternatives there are to your explanations of things. A different metamatrix, let us say. Things that should be tweaked, and are downright different than a purely materialistic view of how and why things are. Beware pride.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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