16 Jun 2012

What is the nature of God? It is merely as the nature of the humblest love, which makes much of the smallest good thing. We might sense why the cruel world is as it is. Why there is toil, why there is pain. There is wisdom in the very air we breathe that we most probably will never fathom — not because it is so grand and complex, but because it is so simple, and plain. We must verily seek that humble nature within ourselves, to properly understand the way things are, and how we should be. Why it is that the soul of being itself, that love supreme would have it there is so much pain and wrong in the world: we cannot learn all there is to know if all we have are toys. We cannot understand the greatness of good, not beyond a casual thought, if we have not fought with all our might for it. And then, even if we fail, to survive with a soul that has known the truth of fire.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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