23 Feb 2011

Why no one can say what love is, is that it is a deeply personal thing, and one can give you a thousand examples from one’s own life, which may or may not have meaning in yours. And the one telling you is telling you exactly what love is, something that cannot be explained in the abstract, in the dictionary way, in the philosophy way, in the soundbite way, because it’s a bigger thing than will fit in some set of pithy words, an action of a heart in movement with such purpose that is incomprehensible if one does not already have in their own experience what it is like to be so moved. It is the meaning of life, and anyone who has truly known it will wonder for a moment why the deep thinkers have tried in vain to derive that meaning from anything else. What is love? You fool — try it, try it for real, and you’ll know in a nanosecond.

posted by John H. Doe @ 1:38 am

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